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About Arbor House: An Environmental Inn

  • Meditation Pond

Founded in 1994, Arbor House's mission is to provide the art of hospitality within a model for urban ecology. Our goal is the wise use of resources and providing guests with an unparalleled combination of natural design, features, fabrics, amenities and surroundings, while providing opportunities for recreation and learning more about urban ecology.

Over the years, the bed and breakfast has been featured in many magazines and newspapers including Travel and Leisure, Natural Home, Healthy Living, the Chicago Tribune, the New York Times, Madison Magazine, Wisconsin Trails, Money Magazine, the Wisconsin State Journal, In Business, the Milwaukee Journal, the Capital Times and the Milwaukee Business Journal.

Arbor House has received recognition and numerous awards for its innovative approach, including:

  • A national sustainable design award from the Boston Society of Architects.
  • Co-op America of Washington, D.C., named Arbor House "One of Fifteen Green Businesses Every Community Should Have."
  • Renew America, Washington D.C. recognized Arbor House as a model for environmental sustainability and a leading example of how we can make our communities more livable by integrating environmental protection, social equity and economic progress.
  • The Governor's Award for Waste Reduction in Wisconsin.
  • The Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin Award.
  • Madison Magazine's Best of Madison Award for Lodging.