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Formerly The Plough Inn, the historic structure served as a tavern and a stagecoach stop dating back to 1853. The Plough building is on the national register for historic homes and is one of Madison's oldest existing homes. Visitors would hitch their horses outside on the their way in or out of town for a refreshment. They would then dance in what is now the sitting room and if necessary they could sleep in one of the bedrooms upstairs. It was a rowdy loud tavern known for rough characters and some bar room fights. Thus receiving the nickname "Plough Inn and Stagger Out."

Many of the features found in the historic structure can be found in the Annex addition, with today's sustainable architectural features in mind. For example, both buildings have 12-inch thick walls, an abundance of windows, tile, stone, and quality carpentry and solid wood floors. Each building features antique furniture (the ultimate form of recycling) and blends natural materials when possible. The main arbor connects the two buildings serving as both a physical connection and a symbolic connection between two periods of time: how we used to live and how it is possible to live today and in the future. Even our home wing uses special relationships and principles common in frontier life more than a century ago for family living.