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Staff Picks for Restaurants, Places and Events

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Cathie reviews Heritage Tavern

With so much press and fanfare, we had a notion not to be keen on this farm to table new kid on the block. We were wrong—this may be our best pick for a nice night out. They transform basics like cod and duck to culinary excellence in an atmosphere that is modern and beautiful.

131 E Mifflin St  (608) 283-9500

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Grace describes her favorite place in Madison

The Arboretum would have to be my favorite spot. With its winding trails and numerous streams, you're never short a beautiful view in this wilderness within the city. The Arb is also a great place to workout; any day, rain or shine, ice or sleet, runners, bikers, and hikers dominate the pavement and paths.

1207 Seminole Highway  (608) 263-7888

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  • cora

Cora shares her favorite neighbrohood hangout

Gates and Brovi has the best casual dining just a step from the inn! Whether for a lemonade after work or a family dinner, it's my go to for a relaxed atmosphere and yummy dishes.

3502 Monroe Street (608) 819-8988

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  • anna

Anna talks about the Farmers' Market

The farmers' market is my favorite Madison event. There's lots of good local foods including Stella's hot cheesy bread from Stella's bakery.

2 E Main St, Capitol Square  (608) 455-1999

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  • Reesh

Resha talks about some home cooked meals at Arbor House, and Taste of India

I'm pretty much a homebody and enjoy a meal at home to eating out, but honestly it's great to come to work and taste whatever has been served for breakfast. My favorite dish is the roasted sweet, red and yukon potatoes. If we have a staff lunch, I'm up for the buffet at Taste of India.

Taste of India 2623 Monroe St #150 (608) 218-9200

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