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Environmental Emphasis

Arbor House's mission is to provide the art of hospitality within a model for urban ecology. Our goal is the wise use of resources and providing guests with an unparalleled combination of natural design, features, fabrics, amenities and surroundings, while providing opportunities for recreation and learning more about urban ecology. This environmentally conscience bed and breakfast resides in one of Madison's most nature accesible neighborhoods, with trails and lakes within walking distance.

Case study on ecological design features

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  • Award-winning architecture and interior design
  • Use of non-toxic products and recycled materials
  • Organic or natural unbleached cotton linens and fabrics
  • Use of natural, non-toxic and biodegradable cleaners
  • Organic mattresses
  • Energy efficient appliances, lighting and technology
  • Sustainably harvested woods
  • Water efficient appliances and fixtures
  • Wind Power sponsors
  • Landscaping which emphasizes the use of native plants, including prairie, woodland and butterfly garden species, while avoiding the use of pesticides
  • EMF circuit design reducing exposure to electromagnetic fields
  • Environmental Resource Center
  • Bicycles
  • Products